Design plays a key role in determining the future of your
brand. bucket design is committed to studiously craft a
personality profile of your business.

By Brand we do not mean a trademark, a design, a slogan
or an easily remembered picture. We think of brands as
personalities. When the personalities capture consumer’s
heart they gain commitment.

Successful Brand means everlasting business.

Partner with us for following brand buiding activities

  • Brand Name Suggestion and Research

    If you wish to build a successful brand then this exercise will lay a firm foundation for it. Selecting a name of your brand needs to be a very comprehensive and exhaustive exercise instead of it being a very random selection on the basis of your personal favorites. Once you choose a brand name it stays with you for a long long time. You are not choosing it for a year or two and you cannot keep on changing it along the way. It needs to be carefully chosen so that the customers and the stake holders love it and have faith in it. One has to take in to consideration current trends, the years to come and make efforts towards selecting a name that can stay contemporary in the long run.

    We carry out a comprehensive research and take in to consideration many factors while suggesting a name for your brand. We carry out in-depth quantitative and qualitative analysis which helps you make a right decision for your brand.

    So if you are deciding on brand name, be sure you are making a right decision. Get in touch with us and we will help you choose a right one.
  • Brand Positioning

    Positioning is finding out that unique place in the market for your brand. The brand has to stand out and get recognized. It is also about creating that brand personality which occupies a distinct position in the hearts and minds of consumers. The unique elements of the brand personality have to be well thought and designed in order to position them as either inexpensive or premium, utilitarian or luxurious, entry-level or high-end brands. We provide consultation on how to create a unique brand proposition across different segments.
  • Brand Architecture

    Brand architecture is the structure of brands within an organization. It is the way in which the brands within a company’s portfolio are related to, and differentiated from, one another. How the corporate brand and sub-brands relate to and support each other. Often, decisions about Brand Architecture are concerned with how to manage a parent brand, and a family of sub-brands.
  • Brand Identity

    Corporate/Brand identity is an important brand asset and stays with client for years without frequent changes.
    Therefore the design that represents brand in its truest sense is always the prime objective instead of any quick artwork.
    This structured approach is very useful in achieving right quality of design out put and branding as this is what
    separates quality design from ordinary artwork. It also generates awareness and understanding with client about
    what they are investing in.
  • Brand and Marketing Communications

    Brand building is an ongoing activity which involves lot of things. Building a personality profile of the brand takes work in all different areas such as
    creating brand philosophy, online content of the brand, websites, blogs, social media content, marketing brochures, magazine articles, print and electronic
    media, advert campaigns and all other peripheral brand touch points where design plays an important role.